9 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Shute

  1. This is perfect. I mean putting a library near the high school makes sense!! If you can open the building today that’d be great!! Unfortunately it’s not as close as CRLS but it’s still good!!


    • We didn’t put a library near the new high school – The high school was built near the library. The original Shute Library is over 100 years old. But you are right, it only makes sense to renovate a library that is right in the middle of the new center of education in Everett. We are almost done and look forward to having you at the library .. often.


  2. When is this library opening?? Uh… hello it’s December- Where are the updates??? Really hope it’s not the Alford Street Bridge fiasco again. I’m tired of schlepping my behind all the way to the other side of the city to get my study on after school!! (High School student here!!)


    • The Nov. photos will be up soon. There is much to do now that the construction is basically completed and work is down to the interior details. The last thing is the punch list of things noticed on a walk through of the building. Meanwhile, all the bookshelves have just been assembled, and the books are being moved back from storage. We still have to arrange them on the shelves, put the the furniture in place, get the computers connected and move the staff moved back to the library. Join us for the re-opening ceremony- date to be announced. By the time it gets really cold out, you can give yourself a break and walk only as far as Broadway and Gledhill.


  3. Oh man. Postponed again?? My friends told me about this library. I remember my big brother going here last time. I couldn’t step inside the Shute cause it looked so creepy!! Jeez, the place looked sooo old. And run down. It’s about time they started putting money into public interests. I guess it’s build something for us common folk and forget it for a hundred years. Just like the MBTA!! LoL!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚


    • Shute did get quite worn out, but if you were born in 1900 it would have seemed new and very modern. After all theses years, mother nature helped us with the decision to postpone but when it opens it will not be creepy any more. We think it is worth waiting a little longer to do it right.


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