Renovation work on the foundation continued with concrete-in-place pours for walls to stabilize the rubble foundation and footings for the new addition.  Inside demolition is a messy process and a bit unsettling for those of us who are so familiar with Shute as it was.  Will it ever be the same?  We have faith — it will be the Shute but better.

The renovation requires lots of foundation work to provide for the new addition and keep older parts stable and dry. It’s not very exciting to look at and kind of messy but a good foundation will result in a building that will serve well into the future.


Forms for the concrete walls.

foundation wall

New concrete wall shores up the rubble foundation.


Preparations for pouring concrete for footings that will support the new addition.


New concrete footings for new addition.

shoring north wall

Shoring up the north wall that will provide entry from new addition elevator or stairway.

Meeting room door

Opening to new meeting room – with new beam.

Stained glass

Removing stained glass windows – But don’t worry, they will be reinstalled.

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