August – Inside and Out

Interesting progress was made by the end of August.  The long anticipated installation of the large window on the new addition began.    From it will look like traditional window panes – but what panes they are.  Since we will not again see the large expanse created for the window, it called for a few photos.  Construction of areas for a book drop and a bike rack were started and interior walls were spray “painted” for a textured appearance throughout the building.    Behind the scenes, we are working on furnishing the interior – selecting finishes and fabrics, ordering new items and refinishing some of our vintage pieces.  Come back in September when progress will speed up even more!


Where's my window

Opening for the large window in the north wall of the addition.

Space for north window

Window space is an impressive sight – from the inside as well.

My, but what a big window you have

Opening for the large window with framing partially installed.

Window frames being installed

Window frames are about half complete.

Footings for Bookdrop and Bicycle Rack

Construction of areas for the book drop and bike rack begin with the footings.

Spray on walls

Texture is sprayed on the walls to make for a harmonious surface throughout.


Bricks at the ready.




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