NOVEMBER – Outside In

I have been asked for an update – So good to know that someone out there is reading this blog.  We have been so busy with furnishings and moving and electronics that there has been no time to write.  Here, by popular demand, is November.  With the cold coming on, there was a push to finish as much outdoor work as possible.  Who knew what our December will be like?   Meanwhile, inside finish carpentry work went on.  Despite lots of sawdust, it was great to see so much accomplished.   A picture is worth a thousand words so here goes…


Planter to the left of the front stairs - planted before the frost.

Planter to the left of the front stairs – with a pretty Japanese cutleaf maple, planted before the frost.

New plants set off the front of the building.

New plants set off the front of the building.

Downspot is painted to match colors of the building

Can a downspout be pretty? Maybe not, but it can be an eyesore. Ours now matches the exterior color scheme.  Hopefully it is, therefore, not very noticeable.


A new stairway replaces the temporary one built for construction – nice and wide to accommodate people going down and up .. simultaneously.

Story Craft panel

Panel that separates the lobby and the the Children’s Story Craft room.

Shelving delivery

New library shelving makes for quite a truck full. Here it all is in the new meeting room, waiting to be assembled.

Arches to be installed.

Wood doesn’t naturally curve – So to make arches, the wood is treated and joined to finish off the archways that provide a nice welcome between the lobby and the main room of the historic part of the library.

Arch closeup

Making an arch is quite an art.

Carpenter at work

Carpentry is done right on-site to fit everything just right.

Archways replace northwall windows.

Archways now form an entry way and focal point where windows once were.

New Door trim looks like it has been there as long as the building

The old interior trim has been beautifully refinished but In some places new trim was required. It has been stained to beautifully matches the original.

ADult floor before bookstacks

Here is a look at the space before bookstacks arrive.

refinished study tables look stunning

Old but very solid oak wood study tables were refinished and look – well – stunning.

Signs for various rooms to be installed.

Signs of the times – that is you know you are getting close to the end when you see new signs.

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