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Friends of the Everett Libraries, 410 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149

Chairwoman, Shute Library Capital Campaign, Stacy DeMaria-617-294-0181

Library Director, Deborah Abraham, 617-394-2303


9 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Penny – We have tried but RecycleBank allows charitable donations for cash only to schools.
      There are few items we can use. If you would like to purchase a gift card to Best Buy or Itunes, we can use these for teen programs. Next fall, we could use points to buy a couple of magazine subscriptions that would start up when current subscriptions end.
      Deb Abraham


  1. your building looks about the same period as our library. We just completed a large scale renovation and expansion including two large stained glass windows which had not been touched since the 1890’s. There is one restorer in Massachusetts who does stunning and authentic restoration of these windows. If you contact Melissa Gaspar, the director of the Flint Public Library in Middleton, (978-774-8132) she will let you know who that person is. Good Luck, Anne Cote, vicepresident,

    Friends of the Flint


  2. I’m elated to see that the Shute Library is getting a much needed long over due rehab, however,
    why are the contractors painting over the dry rotted, inefficient, dilapidated, old windows on the entire second floor? In three years those old window frames will be peeling, further deteriorating, and looking like an eyesore all over again, not to mention wasting thousand of dollars in energy. The energy that the building would have saved with all new maintenance free windows would more than paid for itself over time.


    • You are really observant. The window frames were in worse condition than originally thought. Many have been replaced, especially in the back of the building where conditions were the worst. We did want to keep the old glass when possible. Many windows now have interior storms to keep out the winter cold. From the beginning of the project we have been pursuing LEED certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. The LEED designation requires a number of points from a very long list of energy saving practices. Some examples are energy efficient heating/cooling equipment, reuse of materials, and energy conserving building practices. We are confident that the library will be certified and therefore eligible for an addition to our state grant of $100,000. Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in responding.


    • After all it was decided that some of the window frames needed replacing. We did try to retain the original glass when possible and have added storms to keep out the drafts. Lower level windows are mostly new as they are very much larger than the originals. We are working towards a LEEDS certificate which is awarded to energy efficient buildings. It is based on a long list of LEEDS qualification points and it is quite a challenge to get enough to qualify. But, we think we will get the certificate and the $100,000 award from the state for new library buildings that meet LEEDS. One of the things that helps us meet the requirement is much more efficient HVAC systems and re-use of original materials. Altogether we think that the new building will cost much less to maintain.
      Thanks for writing and come and see us when we re-open.


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