When will the Shute renovation be complete?
The Renovation is going very well and we expect it to be completed some time this Fall.  Then furniture and equipment must be installed.  Finally, books and staff must move back into the building to prepare for its re-opening.

 The Shute closed during renovation – when will it re-open?          We are hoping to re-open at the end of the year.  We know that many people want their library services back and we are working hard to bring your neighborhood services back.   The staff is looking forward to moving back to a new building and to seeing all of their faithful library users.

How did the fundraising effort go?                                                     We received a generous grant from the State of Massachusetts via the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and generous support from the City of Everett.   We still need funding to complete the furnishings and equipment for the building.  You can give with confidence through this website or by simply writing a check to the Friends of the Everett Libraries and add Shute Renovation to the memo line. Checks may be left at the desk at either the Parlin library or mailed to 410 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149.

I heard that there will be bricks inscribed in honor or in memory of a person, family or organization.  Are they still available?

Yes – you can still buy a brick.  Please contact Mrs. Abraham at 617-394-2303 for details.  The deadline for this will be announced soon so please do not delay.

I want to help in the fundraising efforts. How do I do it?
Contact Deb Abraham at 617-394-2303 or Camille DiPerri at 617-387-8497. We will find a way for you to help out.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. First of your FAQ-s could it be updated to when will it be finished “we have until January …2012” to raise the money was apparently a success- is there an anticipated re-opening tentatively set?


    • You are quite right about updating the FAQ – It was written for our capital campaign. Funding for the building has been secured but we are still raising funds for the furnishings and equipment.

      The Renovation is coming along nicely as you can see by the photo reports. There is still much to be done – including moving back into the building. We are aiming to re-open by the end of the year.
      Thanks- we will see to that FAQ.


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